DIA Has A New Website

  • by DIA - NYC | News | 16 Sep 2020

After several decades, Disabled In Action has moved into the 21st century with a new and updated website. Our new site was designed and developed by Brian Whiting Designs in Aurora Colorado. Brian’s services were secured through Taproot+ a foundation that connects consultant’s and skilled professionals with nonprofit organizations like DIA.

According to Whiting, DIA’s “original site was in need of a change in structure, content flow, and overall design. The colors needed to standout for the sections as they were the primary way of getting attention to key points. I wanted to give them a more modern and functional website this go around so that they can be up with the times.”

In this age of social media there are many people who think that web sites are “old school” and platforms like Facebook and Instagram are better and more important. Our answer is that organizations like DIA need all of the above. DIA has been around for 50 years and was the first grassroots, cross disability activist organization in the country. Karin Falcone Krieger’s article in Able News last month clearly laid out who we are, what we’ve done and why our work must continue.

The most important thing an advocacy organization must do is “Get Out the Word.” Calling attention to, and highlighting the importance of our issues is always the primary goal. Our new website is, hopefully, a first step in creating a stronger messaging platform for the work we do.

An organization’s website is it public face. It must clearly explain why the organization exists, what the organization does and where it’s going. The new website format by Whiting Designs covers all the bases.