April 30, 2002 – Access-A-Ride Demonstration at Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Headquarters

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Antoinette Williams holds sign reading Stress A Ride
photo of demonstrators holding signs reading Just Fix It
Just Fix It

Michael (pictured left) is on a scooter and holding up a sign reading “MTA: Fix Access-A-Ride Now! No More Stranded Riders. No More 4 Hour Waits. Just Fix It!” at the demonstration. Next to him is Stacy in a wheelchair with her service dog, Lucky. Both Stacy and Lucky have signs. Lucky’s sign says “Access-A-Ride is inhumane.”

Antoinette Williams holds sign reading Stress A Ride
The Sign by Antoinette Williams

Antoinette is holding her colorful sign that says it all: “Stress-a-Ride!” Antoinette uses a scooter.

Pamela Bates holds a sign reading Fix Access-A-Ride
Pamela Bates says Fix Access-A-Ride!

Pamela is looking at us and holding a sign that says, “MTA, fix Access-A-Ride. Peter Kalikow and Lawrence Reuter – Meet with us! No More Late Pick-Ups! No More Stranded Riders!” Her sign also tells the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to meet with us and to stop picking people up late or stranding them.

photo of Simi Linton and other protestors at demonstration
Simi Linton at the Access-A-Ride Demo

Simi Linton, a disability rights consultant, author, and teacher, is facing us and smiling. She uses a wheelchair. In the background are demonstrators at the Access-A-Ride demonstration on April 30, 2002, at MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) headquarters.

Photos: Jean Ryan

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