Image Descriptions

DIA demonstrators near the ferry steps.
A group of about 20 wheelchair users and standees is demonstrating next to a set of ferry steps.

Steps to the Brooklyn and Queens Ferries.
We see a flight of about 7 big steps at the dock going up to a ferry

Alexander meets a 4" step to the ferry.
A man in a manual wheelchair encounters a step in his attempt to get to a ferry ramp.

Man walking up 2 steps into ferry.
A nondisabled passenger walks up two steps into the ferry.

Margarita Lopez with ferry demonstrators.
Margarita Lopez, a politician, is standing with a group of people with disabilities while she passionately talks about the inaccessibility of the ferries

DIA demonstrates for accessible taxis in September 2002.
A group of about a dozen DIA members who use wheelchairs, scooters, or who are standing, are in a circle.

Luda demonstrates for accessible taxis.
Luda, a female wheelchair user, is giving out flyers with her right hand. In her left hand, she holds a big sign reading "Barriers to Access Are Most Disabling - Enforce ADA Rights - Equal Access for All!!! To All Forms of Transportation"

Cartoon by Sue Wilcox.
This is a cartoon of someone in a wheelchair on a sidewalk looking through a gigantic telescope. The person says, "Ah, there’s the other curbcut!"

Justin Dart.
This picture of Justin Dart shows him as a senior citizen looking right into the camera with a steady gaze. He is wearing a big cowboy hat and his glasses are sliding down his nose. He is also wearing a white shirt and tie.