Image Descriptions

Description of photo of NYC Demonstration
Twenty adults of different ages and races, most in wheelchairs and scooters, but some also standing, are facing each other in a layered circle outside a modern building. Some of them have signs. In the background, there is a bored-looking policeman with his arm across his chest. The people look like they are waiting for something.

Photo of Activists blocking door at Albany Building Codes Meeting
This photo was taken from inside a meeting room looking toward the door. Blocking the doorway are 2 people in power wheelchairs. The woman is carrying a sign that says, "Rolling Back Access ten percent" and the sign also has a smiley face on it. In the foreground on the right side, another woman is facing the photographer with a sign that says, "Ten percent is Pity." Four other people of various ages and races are near her. One man is wearing a tie, and the others are casually dressed. One person is holding up a sign that says, "Another step backwards." That person is wearing an ADAPT T-shirt. Someone on the left has a sign that says, "Access is a Civil Right." Although the doorway is wide, no one can pass through it because of the wheelchairs. Just on the other side of the two people blocking the door with their chairs are a man and a woman talking. The man is wearing an ADAPT T-shirt. In back of them are 3 State Troopers and a man in a suit who are looking into the room. Another man in a suit is looking in another direction.