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Eric Levine

Eric Levine passed suddenly, Wednesday May 9, 2008, in his sleep while hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital & Medical Center in Manhattan.

Eric Levine with a banjo

Eric Levine singer, songwriter, banjo player and twelve-string guitarist was Musical Director and producer of The DIA Singers' IN MOTION (1994) and co-producer of The Parking Spots Are Nothing But the Best (2002).

He performed extensively on the East Coast including the Clearwater Festival Great Hudson River Revival. Eric was a working musician, music teacher and peace and community activist gladly entertaining at many street actions.

Since adolescence, he received dialysis three times a week for kidney failure. His medical treatments became material for his songs. Eric believed in the power of song to bring people together to reclaim our own creativity. (

Eric is survived by his loving partner, Ellen Nuzzi, his parents, Norman and Joan, his brother Michael and sister-in-law Laura and two nephews.

Donation in Eric's memory to the War Resistance League: New York City WRL Local Group c/o WRL, 339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012 / nycwrl @ / 212-228-0450

Cards to Ellen Nuzzi, 10 Clinton Street (10 P) Brooklyn, NY 11201

Words and Music By Eric Levine 1994
Vocals, Banjo & Guitar: Eric Levine
An intimate, critical look into the innards of the current U.S. medical system. (Sing like a typical 'Talking Blues')

Well, I went down the street last night
I knew things were not exactly right
Some people came up to me under the light
Next thing I knew I'd been stabbed with a knife
I woke up in a hospital
Some neatly dressed person came up to me with a clipboard
And asked me this question:
Do you have Blue Cross? Do you have Blue Shield?
Major Medical? HMO? UFO? Rider J? Deductible? HIP?
I said, "No, but I've got B-L-O-O-D
Running down my primary A-S-S
To my secondary T-O-E."

He said, "Sorry we can't treat you."
I said, "I'm gonna V-O-M-I-T on Y-O-U."
So they took me up to the O.R. S-T-A-T
You know I had a hell of a time, the surgeon cut all along the line
When he found out I was uninsured
Not a moment of his time could I procure
Sent me back from the hospital the same day
I think they call it "same-day surgery."
IV still in my arm
Foley catheter still in my folio
NG tube still in my nose
Surgeon said, "Here's a wire cutters and a pamphlet.
Take your sutures out yourself
And don't shower for month."

Now you know it deserves some recollection
I got one hell of an infection
Back to the hospital I did zoom, 2 a.m. to the emergency room
A triage nurse sent me right where I had to go: Admissions
Waited 4 hours
Then a well dressed person came up to me with a clipboard
and asked me this question:
Do you have Blue Cross? Do you have Blue Shield?
Major Medical? HMO? UFO? Rider J? Deductible?
I said, "No, but I've got P-U-S and a T-E-M-P of 106.
My heart is going out of NSR into PCPs and A-fibs."

They said "Sorry, we don't deal with any of those companies."
You know it's really a terrible shame
This stupid ridiculous medical game
They'll suction all the money you ever had
Major medicosis
With swollen offices
Obliteration of the vein of decency
Hypo Common Sense
Hyper Wastefulness
But you know these symptoms are to be expected
When a patient suffers from the underlying condition of
Profiteers Disease
So fight for national health insurance SINGLE PAYER only
You'll be glad you did


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